The embeddable Podcast Player built to help your show get more listeners!

With Podplayer your audience can listen to your episodes on your podcast-website! It is built for podcasters, who want to increase their downloads, get more subscribers and skyrocket their engagment!

Competitive Advantage

How does Podplayer improve your Podcast?

Every feature inside Podplayer was put there to make your Podcast better!

More Podcast Subscribers & Downloads

Podplayer comes with a built-in Subscribe Button, so that you can turn website listeners into regular subscribers and supporters of your show!

People will share your episodes

Thanks to the built-in Share Button your listeners can share your episodes with their friends and this will make your Podcast grow much faster!

Keep your website visitors hooked

Podplayer's beautiful style and intuitive features will keep your listeners hooked to your show, and make them listen and stay on your website longer!

Makes your podcast website stand out

Podplayer gives your podcast website a unique appearance, and makes your show look professional

growth-oriented functionality

These powerful features come with Podplayer

Every feature inside Podplayer was put there to make your Podcast better!

Inbox user interface

The share modal

When your listeners enjoy one of your episodes they can click on the player's "Share" button. This will open a popup-modal where they can share your episode with their friends via Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email and more. A fantastic way to boost your podcast's growth!

“Podplayer's features and what it can do for Podcasters are unmatched!”

Lukas Schönberg, Digital Marketing Expert
Inbox user interface

Supreme subscription functionality

Your users can click Podplayer's subscribe button, which will open the subscribe-modal. There they can subscribe to your show in their favorite podcast app or simply copy the RSS link. This feature will turn random website visitors into regular listeners and fans of your show!

Inbox user interface

Easy customization

You can customize your players in lots of different ways. For example: Change the colors, so that the players match your brand identitfy and website style. This ensures that Podplayer and your existing website design go well together!

Inbox user interface

The sticky player

In addition to the normal player mode, there is another one: The sticky mode! The sticky player is attached to the bottom of the screen, even when scrolling! It is perfect for your podcast website's frontpage or to provide your website visitors an app-like listening experience.

Inbox user interface

Seamless integration into your website

Getting Podplayer to work on your website is a matter of a few clicks. It does not require any technical knowledge. You just copy a simple code snippet and paste it onto your website. That's it. It takes about 30 seconds, and we even have a video tutorial, where we show you everything step-by-step!


Simple and fair pricing model

Take your podcast-website to the next level with the Pro plan, or get started for free


The full feature set to get the maximum out of Podplayer!


USD / month

Billed yearly ($108)

Buy Pro

What's included

  • Create unlimited players for 3 different podcasts
  • Remove "Powered by" Branding
  • Access to Single-Player
  • Access to Latest-Player
  • Access to Archive-Player (coming soon)
  • up to 100.000 pageviews per month
  • Get priority support
  • and much more ...


The necessary essentials to get started with Podplayer


USD / month

Get started free

What's included

  • Create 2 players for one podcast show
  • up to 5.000 pageviews per month
  • Access to Single-Player
  • Standard support

Frequently asked questions

Does Podplayer work with every Podcast host?

Yes! We have engineered Podplayer in a way, that it works with every Podcast Host whatsoever. It does not matter if you host your show on Buzzsprout, Transistor, Libsyn, Anchor or any other host - Podplayer is compatible with all platforms!

Do you offer discounts for the PRO plan?

Yes! We offer a big discount (25%) to all of our customers if they select yearly billing instead of monthly billing

Is it hard to put Podplayer on my website?

No! It is the easiest thing in the world! You just create your player with a couple of clicks inside your account, and then you can copy & paste a simple code snippet on your website and you're done! That's it! (There is a tutorial how to put the code snippet onto your website as well)